Learn to teach Chair Yoga Workshop 

with Dave Dickinson BS, LMT, E-RYT, CDP
Join Us On Saturday June 1st from 12-4PM.
Cost: $80 Early Bird / $100 Day of Event.
Please RSVP as Space limited.

We are happy to announce that Dave Dickinson will bring his 15 years of Chair Yoga Teaching experience to Cleveland!  Our goal in the workshop is to spread the knowledge of how to effectively teach chair yoga to a growing population of older adults and to the mobility impaired.  Learn why chair yoga is “real” yoga and is truly yoga for everyone! 

Chair Yoga Certification

If you are a registered yoga teacher you don’t want to miss this event! Learn the postures, poses, cues and modifications to conduct your own certified chair yoga classes & certify you as a chair yoga instructor.  4 CEU credits will be credited for workshop attendence, registered with the Yoga Alliance.

This (4 credit) CE workshop is designed for Yoga instructors or people who want to learn effective methods in teaching yoga to older adults and the mobility impaired. The workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and tools to lead their own chair yoga classes. We will breakdown several seated and standing postures and explore a number of useful pranayama and meditation techniques.


More About Dave…

I’ve always been interested in working with seniors, and actually now I’m one of them!  I have been teaching “yoga for seniors” and “chair yoga” for 15 years and currently contract with several retirement communities providing yoga and massage therapy for the residents.  I’ve found that it’s a wonderful way to bring the practice back to yogis and yoginis in their later years, and to introduce yoga to seniors & the mobility impaired, who haven’t tried it.  The response and appreciation always amazes me.  Prior to my career change in 2005, I spent 25 years in sales.  Before that, I received a BS degree in health science at the University of Utah.  The physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and occupational/vocational “dimensions of wellness” we learned back then are still relevant today. Yoga classes address many of these dimensions.  Classes provide a social activity. The postures create strength, balance and flexibility.  Breath control helps clear the mind and balance the emotions and meditation slows down the thinking process, and helps foster spiritual peace and contentment.  As I often like to remind my students, yoga can be as simple as sitting and breathing.

Workshop will include:

Easy pose, neck, shoulder, wrist & ankle exercises, parvatasana, side stretches & bends, cow-cat, frog, spinal twists, triangle, belly circles, knee to chest, head to knee, boat, hip openers, crescent lunge, janusirasana, pascimottanasana, tortoise, camel, figure four, head & neck massage, resting pose, mountain, half moon, stork, tree, forward fold, chair, bird, horse, goddess, star, triangle, warrior 1&2, extended side angle, peaceful warrior, pyramid, airplane, wide leg bending variations, back bends, downward & upward facing dog, standing splits

Dave lives in the Milwaukee area.  He is a licensed Massage therapist and experienced yoga instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance ERYT.


Dave Dickinson


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