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Tropical Tranquility: A Modern Yoga Retreat

Retreat is Sold Out. Join us next year!

Join James & Joyce as they venture back to the mesmerizing landscapes of Costa Rica’s blue zone for a blissful 6-night stay at the enchanting Danyasa Yoga Retreat Center in Dominical from May 8th to May 14th, 2024. Prepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary week filled with rejuvenation and cherished moments.

This retreat is about community, one of the things we are most proud of at Modern Yoga. We invite you to go on a deep dive in search of authenticity. Our personal paths may be different, but happiness, healing, and peace are vital to each of us, and we are very good at supporting each other as we grow. This exact kind of practice is the foundation of our yoga community here at Modern Yoga. We have been witness to people from all walks of life form friendships and even lifelong bonds. Our retreats are an extension of our community. We are SO very excited to finally get back to it with you! Come with us to Costa Rica for an adventure, we truly would love to spend some time with you in the blue zone!

James & Joyce

James & Joyce – Your Hosts

Founders and owners of Modern Yoga Studios; they are both Experienced Yoga Instructors (ERYT) with over 10,000 hours of yoga and meditation teaching experience.


Welcome to Danyasa…

Take a shipping container that is no longer seaworthy (technically “waste”) and turn it into a beautiful, comfortable, and chic living space…

Danyasa view
Danyasa Yoga Studio
Danyasa Pool
Sunset Danyasa
Danyasa Lounge

Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge

Yoga | Surf | Relaxation| Adventure | Costa Rica

Danyasa Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge offers world-class accommodation and experiences in a unique and exceptional setting.

Nestled in the verdant and resplendent natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast, we are your home for retreats, classes, and trainings in yoga and other movement arts, as well as a hub for surfing, adventure, exploration, and relaxation. Imagine yourself sitting beneath a majestic waterfall, exploring the rainforest, diving under the warm waves, and practicing yoga in our beautiful Bamboo Yoga Play studio while staying in our eco-chic container rooms.

TripAdvisor ratings place Danyasa in the world’s top-ranked 10% of hotels.


What’s Included?



Modernize, Reconstruct, Refresh, Regenerate, Reinvigorate, Renew, Restore, Revitalize, Exhilarate, Reanimate, Recover

Retreats are an extension of the practice of yoga. Whether you just started or you’ve been developing your practice for years, get ready for an unforgettable experience and allow yourself to flourish through daily meditation, yoga, healthy & delicious food, meaningful conversations, and relationships that will last a lifetime. Expect to find new insights for your body, mind and soul as you discover self-transformation and keys to better living.


Daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops, yoga nidra, sound bath, Cacao ceremony & so much more.

Rooms & Meals

Luxurious and eco-chic accomodations in private or shared Rooms. Healthy farm to table meals.


Hike in the rainforest, explore a waterfall, take part in a cacao tour….so many things to explore.

Retreat Agenda

Daily Schedule!

Meditation and yoga are the central ingredients to our retreat.  You will have the oppurtunity to further your practice and reset your mind. Each day will start with yoga and meditation classes. We will have several mid-day workshops and discussion sessions during your visit and some evening yin/nidra/restorative classes. In addition 2 public yoga classes are held each day at the Danyasa facility at 10 am and 6:30 pm. These classes are taught by local instructors and are available for our group to attend. We will finalize schedule plans a couple of weeks before we leave with the group  participants in mind.

Yoga teachers will recieve 20 Hours of continuing education credits (CEU’s) & Modern Yoga teacher trainees will recieve 20 hours credit toward thier 200 hour certification.

In addition to on site yoga and meditation;

  • We will hike to the Nauyaca Waterfall.
  • We will paddle the majestic Rio Baru River.
  • We will take (and indulge during) the Uvita Chocolate Tour.

The adventure doesn’t stop there, though. There are a variety of excursions available from paragliding to plant medicine and lots of things in between.


    Yoga, Adventure & Nearby Attractions!

    3 group excursions included! 

    Included yoga, events & excursions

    Yoga & Meditation

    Examples of workshops & classes we will offer include; power yoga, slow flow, yin, aerial yoga, restorative yoga, beach yoga, zazen (seated Zen meditation), pranayama class (breath-work), inversions/arm balances, yoga discussion group, asana clinic (yoga poses) & history of yoga classes. We will collect preference information from the group before we finalize the schedule!

    Nauyaca Waterfall - Hiking Tour

    Included Excursion: Nauyaca Waterfall – Hiking
    Description: Nauyaca is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Costa Rica and
    should be a stop on anyone’s list when visiting Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, nestled deep in the rainforest Nauyaca is unique for its two tiers – take in the misty views of the upper falls before heading to the lower cascades to cool off in the swimming hole below

    The falls close at 3:30 pm
    Length of Tour :: 1.5 hr
    Distance from Danyasa :: 20 min / 4×4 encouraged

    Uvita Chocolate Tour

    Included Excursion :: Uvita Chocolate Tour 

    Description: Perfect tour for every chocolate lover! This trip is ideal for everybody who wants to learn about the traditional way of making chocolate, explained by a local Costa Rican guide. You will have the opportunity to be part of the process, by helping to peel, grind and cook the cocoa. Additionally, your host will show you some cocoa plants in his garden. Afterward, you will get to enjoy a delicious chocolate drink.

    We will also feature a special cacao cermony back at Danyasa later in the day/evening.

    Length of Tour: 2.5-3 hours
    Distance from Danyasa: 20 min

    Rio Baru River Paddle

    Included Excursion: Rio Baru River Paddle

    Description: This is a casual paddle up the majestic Rio Baru in Dominical. This is a
    shorter paddle than our other tours on Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board, and it is super mellow and easy. We launch from the river mouth and head up the river for about a mile.

    Tour Includes – Bilingual/Certified Local guides, ICT Certified company, Full Insurance, Use of equipment, use of accessories (dry bags, binoculars, bug spray, sunblock, hats, etc), fruit, water, photos, secure parking.
    Days of Operation :: Dependent on Weather
    Tour Times :: Based on High Tide
    Length of Tour :: 2 hours
    Distance from Danyasa :: 10 min

    Cacao Ceremony

    Storytelling is a form of sharing ancestral
    knowledge of hidden messages found within the
    spirit of the medicine. A heartfelt guided meditation to connect you and your group deeper into a state of love and peace. We share with you a fruit that has been planted
    and harvested in our Bri Bri community and by our families. We bring you the taste of the artesian woman & men of the tribe that are working together to gift us with T’suru right at your hands. As an indigenous woman from the Muniriwak clan, I am committed to honoring the medicine and sharing it with the world to bring connection and healing.

    Sound Healing

    A sound bath or journey is a therapeutic and meditative experience whereby you”bathe in the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments such as, 432hz
    crystal bowls, titanium gong, koshi chimes, and wind chimes. Through these sound frequencies and vibrations, your mind
    enters a meditative state. This brings about healing at mental, emotional, and physical level. During a sound bath, the brainwave state is altered from a normal waking state (beta) to a relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state, and even a restorative state (delta). It is in this state that deep healing can occur. You can expect to
    feel moments of pure bliss, calm, and heaviness as energy moves, unblocking any trapped emotions. Through these sound frequencies and vibrations, the mind enters a meditative state. This brings about healing at mental, emotional, and physical level. During a good
    journey/bath, the brainwave state is altered from normal waking state (beta) to a relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state, and even a restorative state (delta). It is in this state that deep healing can occur.

    Dominical de Osa

    Dominical de Osa

    The quaint beach town of Dominical lies on the northern border of the Osa Peninsula, considered the most biodiverse place on Earth by the National Geographic Society and the United Nations.  Dominical and the surrounding areas boast world class surf, lush jungle covered mountains that soar from the sea, an abundance of exciting adventure and excursion opportunities, and spectacular natural attractions ranging from waterfalls to sea caves to mangroves to hidden beaches and more!

    Danyasa is about a 2 minute to the beach!

    Local Restaurants/Lounges

    Dominical offers a number of great restaurants, from local “tipico” cuisine to international options such as sushi, mexican, vegetarian, cafes, a craft beer brewery, and more. Danyasa is located in the heart to the city, within easy walking distance. Additional costs apply.

    Local Shopping

    Most everything you need can be easily gotten in Dominical, with amenities such as a health food store with over 100 organic fruits and vegetables as well as natural products, an artisan market, ATM’s, a variety of stores and shopping and several grocery stores. Additional costs apply. 

    Additional excursions

    All addtional excursions are priced seperately and will be coordinated once we arrive. We will send out a questionaire to all guests to get your choices! Additional costs apply.

    Costa Rica Surf Lessons

    Excursion :: Costa Rica Surf Camp

    Description :: Dominical, the home of Costa Rica Surf Camp, is the quintessential 

    surfer town in Costa Rica. At Costa Rica Surf Camp we treat our guests like family and make you feel at home in Playa Dominical. All Costa Rica Surf Camp instructors are locals and have worked with the lifeguards here in Dominical! We provide the most personalized surf lessons for our students to improve every time they are in the water. Out of the water, we allow you the opportunity to relax, meet new people, and enjoy Playa Dominical to its fullest.

    Cost of Entry :: $60

    Days of Operation :: Daily

    Tour Times :: Booking depends on skill level and tides 

    Length of Tour :: 2 hours 

    Distance from Danyasa :: 5 min Walk

    Cost of Shuttle :: No Shuttle Required 

    Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

      Excursion :: Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary 

      Description :: Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the protection and 

      conservation of Costa Rica’s wildlife. Visitors meet the sanctuary residents while learning about their history, biology, and conservation needs. We offer refuge to a wide variety of animals including spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, a two-toed sloth, an anteater, different species of parrots, scarlet macaws, a toucan, an ocelot, and a crocodile, amongst others. 

      Cost of Entry :: International Adults $33 & Children $17; Local Adults $11  Children $5

      Days of Operation :: Tuesday to Sunday, CLOSED Mondays 

      Tour Times :: 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM OR 3 PM (please arrive 10 minutes early)

      Length of Tour :: 1-1.5 hours

      Distance from Danyasa :: 15 min / 4×4 needed

      Cost of Shuttle :: 1-5 pax: $40, 6-10 pax: $50, 11-15 pax: $70, 16-20 pax $100

      Dominicalito Paragliding

        Excursion :: Dominicalito Paragliding 

        Description :: Swooping over landscapes, skirting treetops. The thrill of flying, 

        surfing the wind, negotiating the terrain, and the incredible views are equal only to the sense of freedom of letting go of terrestrial existence…if only for a short time. To fly free like this is to remember how we are able to play, interact with and be part of the elements. 

        Cost of Entry :: $130 ($20 deposit to confirm booking) 

        Tour includes, Fruits & Water

        Days of Operation :: Daily – Weather permitting

        Tour Times :: 10AM – 10:30AM

        Length of Tour :: 30 minutes per person 

        Distance from Danyasa :: 10 min/transportation included with the tour

        Cost of Shuttle :: Transportation included with the tour

        Mangroves Nature Tour

          Excursion :: Mangroves Nature Tour

          Description :: Immerse yourself into this amazing and different tropical 

          environment called the Mangroves. This mellow tour guides you slowly through the enchanting Mangroves, where you can see and learn about the plants and animals that live there. This is one of the most recommended tours in the Dominical area! If you want to see nature, animals, and birds, this is the tour for you!

          Cost of Entry :: $70 (Cash ONLY & 20% deposit to confirm booking) 

          Tour includes guide, gear, water/fresh fruits, photos & transport if needed.

          Days of Operation ::  Every day for the Mangrove tour

          Tour Times :: Based on the High Tide

          Length of Tour :: 4 hours (2 – 2.5 hours paddling)

          Distance from Danyasa :: 10 min

          Cost of Shuttle :: Transportation included with the tour

          Costa Canyoning

            Excursion :: Costa Canyoning 

            Description :: AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Come experience the adventure of a lifetime in one of Mother Nature’s tropical waterfall fun parks! We here at Costa Canyoning are ready to provide you with a unique Canyoning/waterfall rappelling experience that you will never forget! No special skills or experience are required for our tour, just a sense of adventure.

            Cost of Entry :: $115 + tax  + Picnic & Photos  included 

            Days of Operation :: Dependent on the weather conditions 

            Tour Times :: 9 AM

            Length of Tour :: 3 Hours

            Distance from Danyasa :: 35 minutes

            Cost of Shuttle ::1-5 pax:$60, 6-10 pax:$70, 11-15 pax:$90, 16-20 pax: $120

            Hacienda Baru - Lowland Birdwatching

              Excursion ::  Lowland Birdwatching

              Description :: Hacienda Baru has been catering to Ecotourism and Birding in Costa Rica for more than 30 years. The Ecolodge is surrounded by Baru National Wildlife Refuge which conserves 330 hectares (815 acres) of tropical rainforest, mangrove, wetlands, river bank, and beachfront. This wide variety of ecosystems means a high level of biodiversity, and that is why Bird Watchers have sighted over 365 species on the refuge.

              Cost of Entry :: $36 per person & $6 deposit to book  (2-person minimum)

              Days of Operation :: Monday to Sunday

              Tour Times :: 6AM

              Length of Tour ::  3 Hours 

              Distance from Danyasa ::  10 minutes

              Cost of Shuttle :: 1-5 pax: $40, 6-10 pax $50, 11-15pax $ 70, 16-20 pax $100

              Doña Aida - Plant Medicine Tour

                Excursion :: Plant Medicine Tour

                Description :: Costa Rica is home to a large number of plants, known and used by indigenous tribes, it is not surprising that Doña Aida decided to practice the alternative healing methods that her mother taught her. She has always had a special interest in medicinal plants and uses them to stay away from modern pharmaceuticals. She has accumulated a vast knowledge of numerous plants, herbs, leaves, and branches, she knows how to use them and turns them into natural remedies. You may be interested in learning more about the plants that many of us know as spices, which, incredible as it may seem, can also be used in the treatment of numerous diseases. Since she grows most of the plants next to her house, the expedition is a small but interesting walk through that area. For those who want to understand in greater depth the traditional healing methods of our natural pharmacy, visit Doña Aida in Playa Hermosa, who will show you her medicinal plants.

                Cost of Entry :: $50 1 person OR $35 2 people (Cash ONLY & $25 deposit to book)

                Days of Operation :: Monday – Sunday ( EXCEPT Wednesday & Saturdays) 

                Tour Times :: 9AM OR 2 PM (Rainy Season – ONLY 9 AM bookings available) 

                Length of Tour ::  1.5 – 2 Hours 

                Distance from Danyasa :: 30 minutes

                Cost of Shuttle :: 1-5 pax: $45, 6-10 pax: $55, 11-15 pax: $75, 16-20 pax $105

                El Santuario Zipline in Quepos

                  Excursion :: El Santuario Zipline in Manuel Antonio

                  Description:: THE LONGEST ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE IN COSTA RICA! Your canopy 

                  adventure on the longest twin zip line in Costa Rica includes an awesome tour, a delicious Costa Rican lunch, photography for an additional cost, bilingual guides (Spanish and English), and round-trip transportation from your hotel or villa in the Manuel Antonio or Quepos area to the El Santuario property. The adventure tour features Central America’s most impressive zip line at over 4,300 feet (yes over 8/10 of a mile!), 14 tree platforms, six hanging bridges, three nature walks, one double belay rappel, and 10 double-anchored zip lines, totaling over 3.6 kilometers in length. Our touchless system allows you to relax and enjoy the zip line ride and the magnificent views without worrying about hitting the brakes yourself at the end of the lines. Same adrenaline, more safety!

                  Cost of Entry :: $90.40 (lunch included & $25 deposit required  for booking) 

                  Days of Operation :: Daily

                  Tour Times :: 8 AM, 11 AM &  1 PM (not during the rainy season) 

                  Length of Tour :: 4.5 Hours

                  Distance from Danyasa :: 45 min 

                  Cost of Shuttle :: 1-5 pax: $160, 6-10 pax: $190, 11-15 pax: $210, 16-20 pax:$230

                  Hacienda Ebano – Waterfalls and Rainforest Safari Tour

                    Description:: An off-the-beaten-path activity, the exploration of Hacienda Ébano, a Natural Reserve and Ranch. You will experience a 1km / 0.6 mile short hike immersed in the rainforest, 2 gorgeous waterfalls with natural pools, also stunning mountains and ocean views. On the trip, you will have the opportunity to see wildlife such as birds, frogs, and monkeys, and also many types of plants, flowers, and trees. The transportation is in a comfortable and safe 4×4 Safari-style Truck – the best tool to travel the 10km / 6.2 miles through the big mountains. The perfect end is to refresh us and swim in the Jade Waterfall, also next to the river, a Costa Rican lunch wrapped in banana leaves. All in a small group, with the company of local experienced guides committed to client service.

                    Cost of Entry:: $40 / $75 /$150 (special private).
                    Days of Operation:: Daily from 8:30 pm to 4 pm, previous reservation.
                    Tour Times:: 8:30 am

                    Length of Tour :: 2h /4hr/ +5h (all levels)
                    Distance from Danyasa:: 20 min / any vehicle

                    Tamezcal - Sweat Lodge

                      Temazcal is a representation of Mother Earth
                      Womb, a place of heat, where we pray and sing
                      together with the purpose of purifying and sweatingwhat is no longer needed, embracing the darkness to come out with a renewed light inside. It’s the medicine of the Fire.
                      While the stones are warming up, guests will tour the property and its central area, introducing a little of the work of preservation done in the Sanctuary. With a private group, we ask the group’s intention and what work they would like to do to choose the right herbs. Every door a different herb is introduced and
                      invoked. Exiting the Lodge, the Fire Eagles (the ones that work the fire), will serve a Sweet Anisillo Bath. This is an infusion made with Piper Auritum to regenerate the body, the muscle, and the skin. The packet includes a vegetarian meal, a last treat, and nourishment to conclude together the work done.
                      $600 private Tamezcal (for entire group)
                      Tour of Sanctuary, Anisillio Bath
                      & Vegetarian Meal.


                      Healthy Eats!

                      3 Healthy Daily Meals Included

                      Our chef will work to craft a catered experience of three daily vegan/vegetarian meals to delight and replenish after a day of activities. Egg and dairy options are offered during breakfast. Fish options will be available every other day for those that need more protein.

                      Coffee, Tea & Filtered Water

                      Throughout your stay you can enjoy filtered hot and chilled water, local tea and coffee.

                      Farm to table

                      We do our best to source the food we serve from local farms using organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and/or permaculture methods of agriculture. We strive to create a farm-to-table experience that truly nourishes all bodies and hands involved in the process. We believe that by supporting local farmers, producers, and suppliers who share our values, we support our eco-system, economy, community, and environment. All meals are predominantly vegan, locally sourced, with gluten-free options and a beautiful local fish add-on if you desire. We pride ourselves on high quality and fresh ingredients to fuel high energy humans!

                      Danyasa meals

                      Dominical offers a number of great restaurants, from local “tipico” cuisine to international options such as sushi, mexican, vegetarian, cafes, a craft beer brewery, and more. Danyasa is located in the heart to the city, within easy walking distance. Additional costs apply.



                      Our rooms strike a balance between eco-friendliness and luxurious comfort. We boast top quality mattresses, 1500 thread count sheets, hot water, AC, high-speed WiFi and access to free filtered drinking water to maximize your comfort. We use only the most eco-friendly and carefully sourced soaps, detergents and cleaning products, as well as energy efficient lighting and appliances, going the extra mile to respect and preserve the beautiful nature around us. We built everything off the ground and in the air, to let the jungle life and the tropical rain flow unimpeded below us.

                      Guests at Danyasa can relax and play on our sun deck and in our swimming pool and lounge areas.

                      Retreat is sold out. 

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                      3 Beds room

                      Shared Triple Room (3 Beds)

                      Sold Out!

                      Our most economical option! Shared room with 2 other guests.  Great for friends & family! Let us know who is in your party when you book. Otherwise, you will be assigned same sex roommates once we get closer to departure. All pricing is per person.

                      Price Per Person


                      • Each room has it’s own bathroom
                      • 3 Twin Beds
                      • 3 Daily Meals included
                      • 3 Excursions Included
                      Private room

                      Shared Double Room (2 beds)

                      Sold Out!

                      Our most poular option! Shared room with 1 other guest. Great for couples & friends! Let us know who is in your party when you book. Otherwise, you will be assigned same sex roommates once we get closer to departure. All pricing is per person.

                      Price Per Person


                      • Each room has it’s own bathroom
                      • 2 Beds
                      • 3 Daily Meals included
                      • 3 Excursions Included
                      Private room

                      Private Room Single or Double

                       Sold Out!

                      Our most spacious option, with your own private bath and deck!  Great for couples or if you want more privacy. Single or Double Occupancy! Room will have one queen bed and plenty of space to unwind!

                      Single or Double Occupancy

                      $2800 SGL / $3900 DBL

                      • Private Bathroom
                      • Queen bed
                      • 3 Daily Meals included
                      • 3 Excursions Included

                      Modern Yoga Costa Rica Retreat is from May 8th to May 14th, 2024. We would be thrilled if you came!

                      You can still join us! Last minute sign ups are welcome! cool


                      Site Photos!

                      Private Room
                      Shared Room
                      Private Room
                      Shared rooms
                      Private room
                      3 twins
                      Group Ytt
                      Pool Lounge
                      aerial yoga
                      Surf is up!
                      yoga rocks!
                      Danyasa Pool
                      Danyasa lounge

                      There’s plenty of space at Danyasa to lay back and relax. Our gorgeous common spaces, which include two lounges, an eating area, and a pool/sundeck, are exclusively yours during your stay with us. Our mermaid pool (complete with waterfalls) and sun deck are the perfect spots for relaxing and swimming during the day or evening. Filtered water, tea, and coffee are available to guests all day … we want you to relax and drink in the beauty of your sanctuary home!

                      Checkin & Checkout

                      Check-in is at 3 p.m. on the start day of the retreat. Check-out is at 11 a.m. on departure day.

                      Cancellation Policy

                      All payments are final and non-refundable. If you are concerned that you may need to cancel your trip, you can purchase trip insurance for peace of mind!

                      Yoga Teachers & Trainees

                      Yoga teachers will recieve 20 Hours of continuing education credits (CEU’s) & Modern Yoga teacher trainees will recieve 20 hours credit toward thier 200 hour certification.

                      House Rules

                      Be kind & respectfull to all staff and fellow guests. We will have an onsite orientation when we arrive and go over house rules and laws in Costa Rica to note.  


                      Airfare is not included in this trip. Please make appropiate reservations with an airline. Shuttle service is not included. Shuttle service from the airport to Danyasa and back is approximately $100 round trip. Danyasa will coordinate shuttle service at market price. We will coordinate payment for shuttle groups after you book.  Car rentals are available at the airport. Learn more about traveling to Danyasa here.

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                      Amenities & Services

                      • Shuttle coordination at market price
                      • Coordination of excursions and tours at market price
                      • Props for participants: yoga blocks, Manduka Eco yoga mats, straps, bolsters, and blankets
                      • 15 aerial yoga hammocks
                      • Sound system (4 x 12” speakers and 1 x 18” subwoofer) and wireless headset mic and mixer
                      • Bathrooms and showers for all participants
                      • Wireless internet
                      • Filtered hot and chilled water
                      • Tea and coffee
                      • Toaster & fridge use
                      • Use of the communal decks, lounge areas, and swimming pool
                      •. Concierge service before and during the event to facilitate retreat needs

                      Map of Danyasa
                      Modern Yoga Costa Rica Retreat

                      Join Us!

                      We’d love to have your presence and practice.

                      +1 (440)638-4524


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