Dancer Pose : Natarajasana

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Natarajasana is a beautiful and empowering pose that not only improves balance, flexibility, and strength, but it also cultivates focus, grace, and a sense of inner harmony. It helps to open the chest, shoulders, and hip flexors, releasing tension and encouraging better posture. Dancer Pose invites individuals to connect with their breath, quiet the mind, and tap into a deeper sense of self-expression.

Mythological History:

Dancer Pose is said to symbolize the divine dance of Lord Shiva, otherwise known as Nataraja. He is the cosmic dancer who represents the eternal rhythm of creation, preservation, and destruction. In the iconic depiction of Lord Shiva, he balances gracefully on one leg, and his other leg is lifted out in front of him instead of behind (Dancing Shiva Pose). He holds fire in one hand, symbolizing the power of destruction, while the other hand extends in a mudra, representing the eternal cycle of creation and liberation. We practice Dancer Pose as another variation to not only honor this ancient myth but also to embody the spirit of Shiva’s dance and the deep connection to the cosmic rhythms of life.

Dancer - Shiva

How to get there…

Dancer pose Tips

1. Begin by standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) at the top of your mat. Bring your feet together or hip-width apart, with your arms relaxed at your sides and palms facing forward.

2. Shift your weight onto your right foot, grounding it firmly into the mat. Bend your left knee drawing your toes towards your left glute.

3. Reach your left hand back to grab the inner edge of your left foot or ankle. Your grip will have your fingertips facing to the left or pointed away from your body.

4. Reach your right hand towards the ceiling, your right bicep lining up next to your ear.

5. With a steady gaze and engaged core, begin to hinge forward from your hips, leaning your torso slightly forward while extending your right arm straight out in front of you.

Now that you’re in Dancer…

1. Find stability and lengthen through your torso, avoiding any excessive rounding or overarching of your back. Engage your core muscles to support your balance and maintain a tall posture.

2. As you lift your back leg higher, press your foot into your hand and allow it to move away from your body resulting in a gentle stretch through the front of your leg.

3. Hold the pose for a few breaths. Enjoy the graceful extension of your body and the feeling of being rooted and balanced.

4. When you’re ready to release, gently bring your left foot back down to the mat and straighten your torso by stacking shoulders over hips. Remain here in Mountain Pose for a breath or two and then switch sides!

Next time you are on your mat, play around with these alignment tips and find what works best for you.


Learn the prep for Dancer
Prep for Dancer Pose
prep for dancer pose
dancer pose prep
Deepen Your Dancer Pose 
Deepen Your Dancer Pose
Deepen Your Dancer Pose

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