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Teacher Spotlight Series – Throughout the year we profile one of our wonderful teachers. Each of them contributes to make our community a very special place. Learn about their journeys, their favorite yoga poses, and discover something you didn’t know about them!

Danielle Hayden




Modern Yoga Teacher

-Danielle is a mother, wife & business leader in greater Cleveland as the CEO & Founder of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. She took her first yoga class about 18 years ago and towards the end of 2020 decided to start our teacher training program. She had no plans of teaching at the time, she just wanted to learn more for her ownΒ  practice. Her time was already limited with work & family, but she discovered her passion for teaching yoga during her training and has become one of our most popular teachers. She made time in her busy schedule to share the practice she loves and we truly appreciate it!

Danielle fell in love with hot power yoga and found that it was a great compliment to her fitness regime. She has gone on to deepen her practice with a breath-work and meditation practice. She loves Wim Hoff’s breathing techniques and how it directly relates to yoga. Her favorite pose is warrior one, which is fitting because she truly is one awesome yoga warrior. πŸ™‚

Listen to Danielle on the Modern Yoga Podcast!

Danielle joined the conversation on the Modern Yoga podcast on episode 50, Season 4!

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Danielle is also the CEO & Founder of Kickstart Accounting Inc.

As a Chief Financial Officer for over 10 years, Danielle loved accounting but felt like something was missing while just helping investors and board of directors of large companies.

That’s when she realized her passion for helping entrepreneurs, especially women, who were breaking the rules of business in order to create something amazing – something the rest of the world didn’t expect them to do. Danielle left corporate accounting and formed Kickstart Accounting, Inc; an accounting firm designed to help female entrepreneurs understand their financials in order to grow their businesses and become more profitable.

Since then she has realized entrepreneurs need more than just a bookkeeper; they need real financial analysis and education in order to get the confidence required to create the sustainable wealth they deserve.

Danielle hosts theΒ Entrepreneur Money Stories PodcastΒ 

A podcast for women entrepreneurs who want to break free from limiting beliefs around money once and for all.

+1 (440)638-4524

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