Extended Side Angle Pose

Extended Side Angle Pose – Utthita Parsvakonasana

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Extended Side Angle Pose, also known as Utthita Parsvakonasana in Sanskrit, is a popular yoga pose that combines elements of strength, balance, and flexibility. Aside from the muscular benefits, the twisting aspect of this pose can aid in digestion and detoxification by massaging the abdominal organs. Similar to most yoga poses, Extended Side Angle  encourages focus on the breath to body connection, helping to calm the mind and reduce stress.

To Enter this Pose...

Begin in Warrior II pose. Bend your front knee until it aligns over your ankle. Stay grounded in the outer edge of your back foot allowing the back leg to fully straighten and engage. Extend your front arm down, weightlessly placing your elbow on or inside of the front knee. You can also reach your bottom hand down to a block or place it on your mat. Stretch the back arm overhead, stacking the shoulders and opening your chest. Lift through your top hand AND body…it’s important that you engage your entire core along with hips and legs to lengthen up and avoid misaligning your body.

Extended Side Angle Pose Alignment


Common Mistakes Side Angle Pose
  1. Knee is bent past the ankle: We want our knee to stack directly over the ankle so the weight is evenly distributed and the ankle can fully support without vulnerability.
  2. Back foot misaligned: Just like Warrior II, we want the heel of our front foot to disect the center of our back foot for proper alignment.
  3. Top Hip Closing In: Finding lift through the upper body will help to fix this. Redirecting your Drishti (focal point) forward or upwards will help too!
  4. Arm Overextending: Lift upwards and not back. Keep shoulder stacked and a line of energy from bottom fingertips to the top.
  5. Relying on elbow/knee connection: Make this connection weightless, meaning you could remove your elbow and your torso won’t fall out of alignment.

Explore Your Side Angle Pose

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