Half Moon Pose

Half Moon: Ardha Chandrasana

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Half Moon Yoga Pose, known as “Ardha Chandrasana” in Sanskrit, is a graceful and balancing yoga posture that beautifully mimics the shape of a half-moon. Ardha Chandrasana offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Physically, it enhances leg strength, improves balance and coordination, and opens the hips and hamstrings. The stretch in the groin area can also be therapeutic for sciatica and other low back troubles. Mentally, this pose encourages focus and mental clarity as you strive to maintain both balance and openness, helping to replace spaces of vulnerability with a sense of calm.

To Enter this Pose...

Start in mountain pose with feet together. Slowly shift your weight onto one leg, engaging the core for stability, and simultaneously extend the other leg straight out behind you. Place one hand on the floor or a block on the same side as your standing leg and lift your opposite arm toward the sky, creating a straight line from your bottom hand to the top. Check out some of the alignment cues we’ve provided in the photo on the right. These tips and tricks will help you build up to your Half Moon Pose in no time!

Prep for Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Prep
Half Moon Prep
Half Moon Prep
Half Moon Prep

Explore Transitions into Half Moon

Here are a few fun ways to enter Half Moon Pose that add an extra challenge to your strength, balance and focus. 

They range from beginner level to intermediate.

Grab a block and have some fun! 

Sugar Cane Pose

Taking your half moon to the next level…

Sugar Cane Pose Prep

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