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Modern Yoga Teacher spotlight

Jamie was born in Norton, Ohio but spent the majority of her childhood in The Poconos, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Pocono Mountain East High in 2007 and moved back to Ohio for College. Started at Ohio Wesleyan and finished at Ohio State in Columbus, she studied Product Development and spent the first bit of her career working in Consumer Insights. She did projects for Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret Beauty/PINK, and Vans Shoe Company. Life events brought her back home, where she decided to take some time away to reconsider her passions and make a career change.

“Teaching yoga was my first step, and I redirected my career path towards helping others. I’m now pursuing Health and Holistic healing for my future. I live in Brunswick with my boyfriend, Bradley, our three dogs -Rambo, Mae, and Capone – and a cat named Turbo. I love traveling and experiencing new things, and I’m really passionate about new foods and drinks. I also love to DIY furniture, always taking things apart and reinventing them for something modern and updated…not sure how great I am at it, but it brings me joy, and that’s all that matters!”


What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? 

It was a mix of wanting to deepen my own understanding/practice of yoga as well as share it all with others. After college, I had always turned to fitness as a form of therapy for what’s been going on with my life and on some level I’ve always wanted to share that connection with others. I’ve been certified as a personal trainer, a Pilates instructor and then eventually moved to a yoga instructor. Yoga is the only certification I’ve used to be able to teach others, which to me speaks volumes of the importance it has in my life.

What kind of trainings have you pursued?

Outside of yoga, I was previously certified as a personal trainer and currently hold a certification in Pilates. I’m now a 200hr certified yoga instructor and am in the middle of my 300hr training which will put me up to a 500hr instructor. However, 2022 will include a Yin yoga certification and a Health/Life Coach certification as well! Yay!

What is one piece of advice for your students?

Have patience and an open mind. Every journey looks different. You can’t compare your progress with the yogi next to you. If you listen, your body will tell you exactly where it’s supposed to be and just how far it can go (your edge). I used to ignore my edge and all that gave me was injury and burn-outs. Yoga isn’t a competition, it’s a practice that can and will continue to develop and change over the course of your life if you just give it the time and space it needs. If you do that, your practice will continue to be rewarding on new and different levels over time. It can be very exciting 🙂

What is your favorite asana and why?

That’s tough! My favorite asanas change according to what my body is craving at the time. However, no matter the day Uttanasana or Forward Fold is a pose I find myself lingering in throughout my practice. There is something about the balance of rooting down but also completely surrendering that just feels good. It elongates the spine and allows tension that I often hold in my back and upper shoulders to release. It’s also a good place to reconnect with breathe and intention.

What does inspire you to get on your yoga mat? 

Everything. On good days, it’s a place to come to celebrate my successes and what’s working for me…usually a day I feel more confident about playing with my edge and messing with inversions and arm balances. On the bad days, it’s a place of decompression and using my breathe to calm my mind and try to just let things go…these days look a little less complicated. Either way, time on my mat is time of reflection. It’s what makes yoga so great, it’s there for you no matter where you are physically, mentally, emotionally.

What is your favorite yoga related book?

Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. It’s a book of daily reflections, quotes, affirmations to take with you on your mat. Just little tidbits that make you think. My sister (also a yoga instructor) gifted it to me while I was in my initial 200hr training and it’s something I use almost daily. I use it for inspiration for classes or just for journaling.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Fun Fact: I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’ve been skydiving over a dozen times and would eventually like to be licensed to jump solo. Not as Fun Fact: I struggle with adult ADHD and high functioning anxiety which come packaged with BDD (body dysmorphia disorder) and misophonia (don’t eat near me :D). My mental health has been an ongoing journey. In early 2021 I found out I was misdiagnosed and had been mistreated for almost a decade. This past year has been about rediscovering myself and although difficult at times, I’m getting to know myself more at 32 than I ever have. They don’t know this but everyone at Modern Yoga, my practice and most importantly my students have been a HUGE part of the healing process.

What are you really passionate about (Outside of the world of yoga)?

My family. I spent my earlier years away from home and traveling a lot for work and that connection faded. I’ve had a chance to build stronger relationships with those close to me. I also spend what little free time comes up with my boyfriend, Bradley and our 3 dogs and cat! We love to travel and spend time outdoors (golfing, Hiking, SUPing, softball, motorcycle rides, etc). Lastly, Nutrition and cooking. Again, with how much time I used to spend working and traveling I was reliant on eating out and ordering in. Now, I LOVE cooking. Exploring new recipes is fun and exciting for me…and it’s something Bradley and I can do together too! He mostly does the taste-testing, but hey, every chef needs a test subject.

Jamie teaches 

Hot Power Yoga – Tuesdays at 7am

Slow Flow – Wednesdays at 8pm

Hot Power Yoga Basics – Thursdays at 5pm


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