Mindfulness Meditation Tips

  • Try to meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Experiment with different times & spaces. Work on finding the time and space that works best for you.   Try to use the mindfulness techniques we discussed in the meeting.  Use breath and/ or sensation awareness as your anchor.  Try both open and closed eye methods.
  • Use the “insight timer” app on the google play store or apple store.
  • Schedule enough time for your meditation practice to allow yourself to prepare mentally for meditation. If you are going to start with 5 minutes, then plan on about 20 minutes
  • Start with the “beginners section” of the app. Explore guided meditations and the music sections. Note that most of the binaural music selections are 10-30 minutes or longer on the Insight app.   There is a large variety of guided meditation on the app that are 5 minutes.  You can even search by time amount. I encourage you to find something on here that sparks your interest.  They also have a great new courses section if you want to learn more.
  • Browse the app, there is a ton of great stuff. One of the goals here is to hopefully have thoughts and recommendations you can share with the group. Part of your mediation & yoga practice is sharing what you learn!
  • You can also use Spotify, Amazon Prime music & YouTube to find great binaural beats, Isochronic tones and other meditation type music. There is a lot on the internet, some is really great, there is also a lot that isn’t so good.
  • Stick to music with Theta & Alpha waves to start. These are the most conducive to meditation.  Gamma, Epsilon & Lambda waves are also good, but viewed as more advanced by experienced users. Delta waves are for sleep.  Beta waves are generally not regarded as good for meditation.  Stay away from anything with subliminal messages or that is really “far out” there.  You be the judge here.

The biggest tip is to schedule time to meditate every day, then just do it!  Gumption.