Mel Wolf RYT-200
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Teacher Spotlight Series – Throughout the year we profile one of our wonderful teachers. Each of them contributes to make our community a very special place. Learn about their journeys, their favorite yoga poses, and discover something you didn’t know about them!

Mel Wolf


Mel has been an expressive person through the course of her entire life. Creativity and communication are two areas in which she thrives. She sings when she’s happy, writes to find clarity and paints when she needs to unwind. It’s no surprise that yoga is another one of her favorite mediums through which she shares her most vulnerable compositions. She’s practiced yoga for eight years and has been teaching for five. Her life path has had many twists and turns and the latest have been her most precious. She relocated to Cleveland after living in Florida following her college graduation with her BFA in Graphic Design. Though she is an Ohio native, this move presented greater opportunities than she could have imagined. She’s built a beautiful life with her husband, Nick, and their four pets. She’s been successful in her career, now a Brand Specialist, and finds that teaching yoga provides a balance that was once missing. Mel has been with Modern Yoga since the start of her teaching journey and shares that she is often in awe when reflecting on its evolution. You’ll find that her classes are peaceful yet challenging with guided introspection and space for you to allow the yoga to meet you where you are.

Mel Wolf RYT-200


Modern Yoga Teacher

Listen to Mel on the Modern Yoga Podcast!

Mel joined the conversation on the Modern Yoga podcast on episode 62, Season 4!

Mel-the modernyogapodscast

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

My young nephew was struggling with bullies at school and his emotional regulation was troubling and he struggled to navigate them on his own. I remember how I felt in similar scenarios and how yoga changed my entire approach to challenging emotions as an adult. I know that children need this practice as much as adults. It’s my goal to one day have kids’ programs. I’m just waiting for the right door to present itself.


What is one piece of advice for your students?

Take your practice with you. Start your team meetings at work with deep breaths as a group. Allow for time to be mindful and intentional—don’t rush your family. Be present. We can all do yoga everywhere every day, your world and the collective will be better for it.


What are you really passionate about (Outside of the world of yoga)?

 It’s not a comfortable topic but it’s increasingly important that the world unites to combat the rampant impacts of human trafficking. With my desire to work with children, I’ve set a personal goal to get involved with aftercare programs who support survivors—I see yoga as a great vehicle to reconnect the survivors to their bodies and heal their souls. An organization I follow closely, and support is O.U.R Rescue.


Mel Wolf RYT 200
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