Modern Yoga Brecksville – Grand Opening!

Grand Opening Modern Yoga Brecksville

Update: Grand Opening August 18th, 2022!

Grand Opening Sale & Celebration will happen through the weekend! Join us for a free class!

We are beyond excited to announce the grand opening of our Brecksville studio located at the intersection of Brecksville Road and Miller Road.

Our Grand Opening Celebration starts this Thursday, August 18th with a free Hot Power Yoga class at 6:30 pm. Free classes continue through the weekend and our regular (initial) schedule starts on Monday, August 22nd. Please celebrate with us.

New Client Special

The beginning of a yoga journey is a special time. Start yours at Modern Yoga with our special offer for new clients. 

30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $39!


We are excited to announce that we’re opening a second Modern Yoga location in Brecksville!


It will be located on the corner of Miller Rd. and Brecksville Rd., right across the street from the Valor Acres development & the new Sherwin Williams R&D site. We feel this location will give us a great opportunity to reach a new market with our brand of yoga & mindfulness practices. We hope to open before the end of the summer this year.

Our Brecksville/Broadview Heights location will be conveniently located off I-77 with ample parking & will feature both a hot & non-heated studio spaces for classes.

10010 Brecksville Rd, Brecksville, Ohio 44141.


James & Joyce
Our vision when we opened Modern Yoga was to build a community around the modern practice of yoga as we know it. We hoped to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. We have appreciated your support & are often overwhelmed by the level of practice & kindness we have seen in our space. We really have a great thing in Strongsville! Our ability to expand our business is built on the community that has been created and become our foundation.

We will remain dedicated to our Strongsville location and do not plan on making any major changes to our schedule. You’re stuck with us. 😉

Our plans for our business always included expansion. With the unprecedented events over the past few years, we have not been able to realize this part of our plan, until now. 

We have trained & built up our teaching staff for the new Brecksville/Broadview Heights location & hope to create the same success we enjoy in Strongsville. If we are successful we hope to expand further by franchising our business model to other owner/teachers.

Thank you for giving us the confidence and wherewithal to move forward, especially considering the last 2 years of the pandemic. We are forever grateful. 

– James & Joyce

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Free hot yoga class to support our community

Free hot yoga class to support our community

This fun, all-level free hot power yoga class is dedicated to a different organization every week and provides a space and opportunity for Modern Yoga students to socialize and connect. The class happens on Fridays, from 6 PM-7 PM. A$10 donation is requested (but never required) to help support a worthy local cause!
Modern Yoga collects the donations and directly gives them to the featured weekly charity.

Please reserve your spot online and arrive 10 minutes before class starts to claim your space.

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