Mom & Baby Yoga

Postpartum Recovery & Yoga

By Jenny Surovey

As a new mom, I know how incredibly lovely it is to welcome a baby into this world, and I also know the mental and physical challenges that come with postpartum. At times I felt as if my body was not my own. Reconnecting with my breath and hatha practice allowed me develop confidence and get in touch with my needs as I started gaining my strength back. 

Try not to push yourself too hard and be gentle. Start with your breath. Take a few moments every day to practice pranayama as it will help with sleep and balancing your mood. When you get clearance from your doctor and are ready to start moving around a little more, you can begin incorporating some yoga postures to start gaining strength back and over time, you will find you can be a little more vigorous. 


While we are trying to heal, we are also learning all about our baby and building the foundation of our mother-child relationship through ongoing interactions. So why not include your baby in your yoga practice? The one-on-one time helps deepen that bond and learn your babies’ cues. 

I have so much fun practicing with my daughter Peyton and sharing my love for yoga. Grab your baby and a yoga mat and join me for a Mom & Baby yoga class. In addition to the benefits that it will provide to you and your child, it is also a great opportunity to meet and connect with other Moms!

 Mom & Baby Yoga

Regain strength and address your postpartum needs while bonding and exploring movement with your baby in this Mom & Baby yoga class. For moms, we will focus on strengthening overstretched pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and aid specific areas such as your neck, shoulders, and back. 

Class will include baby massage and yoga movements to aid in digestion, grow confidence in body awareness, and help your infant towards their next stage in development. This class is ideal for babies 6 weeks to crawling.

Moms should receive clearance from their medical provider before participating in this class. 

What to Bring

A yoga mat and a comfortable baby blanket for your baby to lie on (a yoga blanket with a baby blanket on top of it works great). Please also bring anything you might need to soothe your baby, including a pacifier, baby toys, etc. It is natural for babies to cry, so you may need to change a diaper or feed your baby during class. 


Mom & Baby Yoga is On Sunday 7/18 at 2PM, Join us!

Jenny Surovey

Jenny Surovey

RYT & RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher)

Jenny has been been a long time practioner & popular teacher at Modern Yoga. She is also certified as a prenatel yoga instructor.


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