Happy Mothers Day

We celebrate all the wonderful mothers this Mother’s Day!

From our teachers to our clients, the Modern Yoga community is filled with moms and we love them all! Here are some thoughts on Mother’s Day & yoga from some of our staff. Happy Mothers Day!


Now that I’m a grandmother, my whole world has changed and my yoga and meditation practice have become that much more important. It’s critical, now than ever, for me to quiet my mind and take care of my heart, soul, and body so that I can be fully present, fully honest, fully mobile, and fully expressive for and with the little lady in the house who only knows how to live in the moment. I have much more empathy for mothers, especially single mothers. It’s such a wonderful experience, but one that comes with constant surprises and one that changes every aspect of your life and every fiber of your being. I also have empathy for my own mom and can’t imagine what it was like raising three children with one (me) being significantly older than her brothers. She had toddlers and a teenager. What was THAT like? -Joyce

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At the core of the phenomenon that is modern yoga in the United States, we will find the primary group of people responsible for its growth and acceptance are moms. They are the ones that are pushing and pulling and showing us that we need to be healthier in both mind and body.

Indeed Indra Devi’s First students were American mothers. They are the ones largely responsible for creating the industry, the movement, and the subculture in the United States. We can thank our moms for the yoga practice we have today –James

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One of my favorite ways that my yoga practice and my mothering merge is when my littles join me on my mat or try to emulate poses I’m working on. My favorite is when my five year old daughter will just randomly come up to me and ask me if she is doing a yoga pose. 

I always strive to be fully human around my children and readily admit when I make mistakes to them. I also want them to see that same journey of finding myself as I practice yoga through all the different life seasons. I want them to experience all the grace and beautiful growth that yoga allows and the beautiful model it portrays for parenting young ones as well. It’s not about perfection, it’s about continually showing up for yourself every day and choosing gratitude and mindfulness in every moment, good or bad.Sarah

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There is nothing I love more than being a Mom. There is also nothing in my life that is more demanding than being a Mom. I am so grateful for yoga. It gives me something of my own, where I focus on just myself. It gives me moments of calm & relaxation. Or moments of intense physical challenges where I can just completely dial in to my body & focus on my own strength & fitness. 

I love that my kids see me carve out time for myself for something that makes me happy & keeps me healthy. 

Yoga keeps both my body & mind strong & calm. I’m giving my family the best version of myself when I care for myself as well. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the yogi Mama’s!! -Becky

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I am a mother to four grown adults who all live out of state. I have learned that being a mother is a process of letting go of what serves yourself. Allowing your children to conquer life’s obstacles on their own has enabled each one of them to take chances, follow their dreams and to make mistakes without interference by a parent. I am so proud of each one as they continue their journey in life. When they do come home to the nest, they are excited to be here and they truly are delighted to be spoiled!  Home cooked meals, backyard fires and seeing their cousins and friends put big smiles on their faces . It was hard to let go but I am happy I did. It gave me a chance to rekindle my relationship with my husband and also spend precious time with my 95 year old mother. Letting go has also taught me to live in the moment and to continue to make new memories wherever and whenever I connect with each of them. -Cyndi

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My Mom took me to my first hot yoga class back when I was in middle school. I didn’t understand the concept and what it was all about, I just knew I was getting a good workout. I never really looked back after that first class though, yoga just kept trickling into my life more and more over the years. It’s one of the many amazing parts of me/my life that I can attribute to having the wonderful Mother I do. Thanks Mama! -Jamie

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I taught on Mother’s Day 2021  This was brought to my attention right before I taught. it was so impactful and spoke to all the variations of what a mom is..  I loved it!  Being a mother is my greatest treasure.  I cherish all of the ups and downs and opportunities to grow and learn, just like yoga! -Kim