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30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $39!

Feel what it’s like to be a member of Modern Yoga with our special offer for new clients. 


Experienced & Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers.

A wide variety of teaching styles and yoga class types.

Join our growing, vibrant and welcoming yoga community!

Learn how yoga can relieve anxiety and stress.

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Joyce, Owner Modern Yoga

Since Modern Yoga opened its door, we have grown over…

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Devon - Facebook

"I’ll tell anyone who will listen how great this place is. I never knew how amazing yoga could be until I met the right instructors"

Lisa - Facebook

"I believe I found THE BEST hot yoga in town! Love the adjustments done, the cold rag, the mini massage, the instructors and owners!
It's a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone! "

Christine - Facebook

"I'm loving the instructions and adjustments the teachers make during classes. Very hands on and they pay attention to our alignment. Also the slow flow classes during the day works great with my schedule."

Tim - Facebook

"Superb instruction, clean, and friendly staff. Best part....... as an out-of-town visitor, no extra charge for a yogitoe, sweat towel or yoga mat. Worst part..... my schedule didn't allow for more attendance. Thank you !!"

Melissa - Google

"This place rocks! From the great studio to the awesome teachers by far the best in strongsville."

Penny - Google

"I love it here. I've been a client since they opened. The teachers are wonderful at explaining postures and helping you tweak your practice. I love the hot power yoga because the extra heat really helps you get into your muscles. I highly recommend Modern Yoga for all fitness levels."

Hey… did you know Modern Yoga has a blog?

Sixth Year Anniversary at Modern Yoga

Sixth Year Anniversary at Modern Yoga

Our best prices of the year!Our Community Made this Anniversary Possible  "Community is much more than belonging to something; its about doing something together that makes belonging matter." - Brian Solis According to tradition, gifts of candy, iron, and wood are...

Reverse Warrior Pose:  Viparita Virabhadrasana

Reverse Warrior Pose: Viparita Virabhadrasana

This month, we highlight Reverse Warrior Pose or Viparita Virabhadrasana It's the inspiration for our logo, and we think it is a great pose to highlight during our anniversary month. Our community is celebrating 6 years!About this pose Viparita Virabhadrasana...

108 books to read related to yoga

108 books to read related to yoga

As a yoga teacher and an avid reader, I am sometimes asked what books on yoga, meditation, or yoga related topic I like or would recommend. With the help of our staff, my list can be found below. Only in modern yoga can we find the combination of ancient history,...

Donations Made since 2016

Our Yogi’s are awesome!  Since we opened in 2016 we’ve managed to make a small impact helping people in need with the support of our growing yoga community.  The Support for our weekly “Free Hot Yoga –  Donation Class” has been tremendous!  Join us this week as we support another great cause!  #showup #giveback

Free hot yoga class to support our community

Free hot yoga class to support our community

This fun, all-level free hot power yoga class is dedicated to a different organization every week and provides a space and opportunity for Modern Yoga students to socialize and connect. The class happens on Fridays, from 6 PM-7 PM. A$10 donation is requested (but never required) to help support a worthy local cause!
Modern Yoga collects the donations and directly gives them to the featured weekly charity.

Please reserve your spot online and arrive 10 minutes before class starts to claim your space.

Show up & give back!

New to Yoga FAQ

I’m new to yoga, what should I expect from Modern Yoga studio?

Congratulations and welcome to Modern Yoga studio. Expect to find a warm, friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental atmosphere. We invite you to start your yoga practice gently: you don’t have to do all the poses and take a rest when you need it. Listen to your teacher, ask questions and focus on your breath.  The long-term benefits of practicing yoga include strength, flexibility, balance, toned muscles, and possible weight loss.

What should I bring to my first class?

If you have a mat, bring it with you; If you don't own one yet, no worries, we have mats for sale and rental. We recommend bringing a hand towel and a water bottle

What should I wear?

You don't need special clothes to practice yoga: synthetic material is preferred over cotton. If you are about to take a hot class, wear something you feel comfortable sweating in. 

Can I eat before class?

Practicing yoga with a full stomach can make you feel nauseated. That said, you don't have to do yoga on an empty stomach either, it’s best to have a light snack within the hour before class.

At what time should I show up to the studio?

If it’s your first class, show up about 15 minutes early. Once you get used to the studio and the practice, try to be on your mat at least a few minutes before class begins, however, if you come late, please check in at the desk and quietly enter the studio.

How often should I practice?

There are no fixed rules about how many times you should practice yoga. As you develop a deeper sense of awareness through your practice, your body will tell you what you need.

Why the heat?

There are many benefits of practicing yoga in a heated room. The heat allows you to get deeper into your stretches and gain a wider range of movement, without risking an injury.  Not all heating systems are the same: At Modern Yoga, we use Infrared heat panels and a steam generator, which has proven to be the most therapeutic and beneficial way to heat a yoga studio. Our eco-friendly system will create a healthy sweat and help in detoxifying your body. Still have questions? Read more about the benefits of Hot Yoga.

Reopening guidelines

5/17/2021 - COVID-19 Update

Effective on 5/17/21, masks & social distancing are not required for fully vaccinated clients & employees. We ask those individuals not vaccinated to continue to mask while not on their mat & to maintain appropriate social distance. 

At Modern Yoga, we are not equipped to enforce any CDC or State Health Dept directive; we will, however, continue to adhere to these safety guidelines to the best of our ability. We ask all our students to honor this request as well, we truly appreciate each & every one of you!

You can continue to visit our class schedule and sign up for all classes online or with our app before your class. We will continue our updated cleaning protocol and gently ask our students to line their mat facing the front wall. Please bring your own mat and towel to class, due to covid, we loan mats on a very limited basis. You are welcome to use our blocks, straps, and bolsters.

Stay tuned

We have a lot to celebrate!

Link to CDC guidelines Here.