Open Labor Day!

Both the Strongsville and Brecksville studios will be open every day of Labor Day weekend to celebrate the holiday! Be sure to check the schedule. 

Keeping with tradition, join us in Strongsville for holiday Hip Hop Hot Yoga with James & Vince. In addition, we have special evening Restorative Yoga class with Carrie to end y0ur weekend on a peaceful note! Sign up below & join us!


Labor Day 2022 (9/05/22)  11:15 am Hot power yoga class will feature classic hip hop with DJ  Jazzy James & the Fresh Vince.    Join us for this fun class and please reach out if you have a song request. Warning: Songs will be played in their unedited versions. Parental Discretion is advised. Space is limited, Sign Up Now!

We offer this fun themed class during holidays as a fun way to do some yoga and to remind each other not to take ourselves too seriously! tongue-out

restorative yoga class

Labor Day 2022 (9/05/22) 7:00 pm A Special Restorative yoga class with Carrie!

The goal of restorative yoga is to activate the body’s relaxation response and bring total relief to the body. Props, such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks, are used to support the body and release tension. Poses are held 5-10 minutes to allow the body to completely relax in the pose. Restorative Yoga helps nourish and physically and mentally reset.

Space is limited, Sign Up Now!


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