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Our Class Types At Modern Yoga

Yoga teacher Training

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga – Your Greatest Self Has Been Waiting Your Whole Life; Don’t Make It Wait Any Longer  Steve Maraboli

Modern Yoga’s signature class. Change your world by linking your breath to your movement. In this class you’ll explore precisely what you’re all about. Choose to see the challenge and take opportunity to grow. This is not the hardest thing you’ll do in life, but it may be the most fun. Warning: you will love this class! Other words for empower: allow, legitimize, entrust, enable, authorize. Our hot classes are climate controlled by using infrared heat panels and a steam generator. This makes for a challenging and sweaty class along with many other benefits of a hot practice.  Find out more about hot yoga.


Temperature: 95-100

Humidity: 55-65%

bound side angle

Slow Flow

Speed of Life is a Killer Not a Healer, So Slow Down to Bloom Like a Flower – Debasish Mridha

Life is intense, and you can’t afford not to slow it down. Slow flow classes provide the opportunity to discover access to a relaxing experience that’s unique to you. You’ll move your body and breath with ease and realize what it feels like to take it easy on yourself.
Slow Flow is perfect if you are new to yoga or recovering from illness or injury. It’s the most challenging to if you are the type of person who is constantly multi-tasking and can’t slow down. Don’t miss this!

Un-heated class.  Room temperature. 

butterfly pose

Yinsauna - Hot Yin Yoga

Yoga is like music; the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmondy of the soul create a symphony of life– B.K.S. Iyengar

Yin yoga is a very grounding, passive, meditative type of practice designed to help the student improve flexibility & mobility. Yin yoga, sometimes referred to as “Healing Yoga,” involves poses that primarily target the lower extremities. Variations of seated and supine positions are held for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes accessing deep layers of fascia. 

We add the dimension of heat to your yin practice to allow you to easily get deeper into your practice a lot sooner, prevent injuries, and allow for a more comfortable practice. Typically yin classes are 90 minutes. Our Yinsauna class allows us to accomplish the same in 60 minutes.

Temperature: 100-104
Humidity: 50-65%


Reverse Warrior Pose

All Levels Warm Flow

We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then is not an act, but a habit.– Aristotle

Connect your breath, mind, and body in this all levels class that combines light holds and strength poses to both challenge you and give you space.

No experience necessary.

Temperature: 85
Humidity: 30-40%


Yoga teacher Training

Hot Power Yoga Basics

The Beginning is the Most Important Part of the Work – Plato

Start here. Remember when you first started something that eventually became a part of your life? Come to Yoga Basics and delve into your own foundation. In basics you’ll discover, or rediscover, how to connect your body to your breath. We’ll break down the Hot Power Yoga class piece by piece.
Yoga Basics is great for both the experienced and inexperienced students.
Our hot classes are climate controlled by using radiant heat panels and a steam generator. This makes for a challenging and sweaty class along with many other benefits of a hot practice.

Temperature: 90-95
Humidity: 50-60%

Yoga teacher Training

Hot Slow Burn Yoga

Becuase no one ever drowned in sweat. – Unknown.

Practice patience with deep breaths and long holds. This intense, hot, slow class grants you the opportunity to sweat out what you don’t need and breathe in stamina and connection. Create space, open your heart and build your strength from the inside out.

Temperature: 100-105
Humidity: 60-70%

Jenny RYPT Modern Yoga

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” -Rajneesh

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga is designed for all stages of pregnancy, including postpartum. This class is a great way for pregnant women to strengthen mentally, physically, and emotionally for the birth of your baby, and for postpartum mothers to support your body’s recovery during the fourth trimester. Our classes begin with circle time which allows students an opportunity to meet and share with other mothers in a supportive environment. From there, the class will start with gentle stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. We will move right into a series of standing and seated asanas and end the class with restorative postures and relaxation.

Chair Yoga

Gentle Chair Yoga

Anybody can breath. Therefore anybody can practice yoga. – T.K.V. Desikachar

Gentle Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga is Real Yoga! Chairs are props not Crutches so Embrace it to Enhance your Poses.
Chair Yoga isn’t just for Seniors.
Chair Yoga is perfect for Beginners looking to Learn poses before Transitioning to a Mat Yoga Class. It is a great practice for:

Baby Boomers and Beyond
Big Bodied Students
Students Recovering or Healing from Injuries. (Mobility Impaired)
Students Seeking a Challenging yet Gentle Experience.
Visually Challenged ( impaired) Students.
What to expect in this 45 minute class
Instruction of Chair Yoga for Beginners
Instruction on sequences and poses
Instruction on body alignment
Demonstrations for all Poses
Modifications to all poses based on your individual needs.
Mindfulness breathing techniques.

Modern yoga virtual studio

Modern Yoga Virtual Studio

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We have over 90 yoga classes in our library now.

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New Client Special

30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $39 !

Invest In yourself Today! Learn Yoga. You don’t have to be flexible. You don’t need the latest, greatest, most expensive yoga clothes. You just have to show up. You are the most important part of your practice. Take any of our over 40 weekly classes! We Love Beginners!
*New clients only, teacher training, digital classes & workshops excluded.

Workshops & Special Events

Workshops, Retreats and Special Classes.

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Devon - Facebook

"I’ll tell anyone who will listen how great this place is. I never knew how amazing yoga could be until I met the right instructors"

Lisa - Facebook

"I believe I found THE BEST hot yoga in town! Love the adjustments done, the cold rag, the mini massage, the instructors and owners!
It's a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone! "

Christine - Facebook

"I'm loving the instructions and adjustments the teachers make during classes. Very hands on and they pay attention to our alignment. Also the slow flow classes during the day works great with my schedule."

Tim - Facebook

"Superb instruction, clean, and friendly staff. Best part....... as an out-of-town visitor, no extra charge for a yogitoe, sweat towel or yoga mat. Worst part..... my schedule didn't allow for more attendance. Thank you !!"

Melissa - Google

"This place rocks! From the great studio to the awesome teachers by far the best in strongsville."

Penny - Google

"I love it here. I've been a client since they opened. The teachers are wonderful at explaining postures and helping you tweak your practice. I love the hot power yoga because the extra heat really helps you get into your muscles. I highly recommend Modern Yoga for all fitness levels."

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