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Teacher Spotlight Series – Every week, we profile one of our wonderful teachers. Each of them contributes to make our community a very special place. Learn about their journeys, their favorite yoga poses, and discover something you didn’t know about them!

Sarah Canitia


Modern_Yoga_Teacher_spotlight_Sarah Canitia

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico but she has been a proud Clevelander for about 25 years. She has a Bachelors’s Degree in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and pre-kiddos, She worked in the brokerage departments for First Merit and then Key Bank. 

“I’m married to my wonderful, hard working fire fighter hubby and we have three kids (ages 7, 4, 3). I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for about 7 years now and have been regularly practicing yoga for 3 years.”


What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? 

During covid/quarantine, I fell in love with exercise and all those lovely endorphins as I was coping with the stress of being locked in my house with three crazy humans. I started practicing yoga during quarantine and what first drew me to it was the meditation side of it, how beautifully and naturally breath could pair with movement. When you are so focused and in tune with your breathing, its amazing how it truly carries you through different poses, no matter if they are hard and strenuous or more relaxing and restorative. I knew I wanted to go deeper with my practice and learn whatever I could learn about yoga.

What kind of trainings have you pursued?

I received my RYT200 from Modern Yoga in 2021 and I have just started the coursework for my RYT300 with YogaRenew. I would also love to pursue yoga therapy and yin yoga as well.

What is one piece of advice for your students?

Forget about trying to look like anyone else in class or like the Instagram yogis. Focus on how each pose feels in your body in that exact moment. Trust that your body will tell you what it needs. Your practice is yours alone and will be unique to you and that is such a beautiful thing.

What is your favorite asana and why?

Lately I have been loving tree pose. I love that it helps you to quiet down, focus on one thing and just breath. It also reminds me that its ok to be human … its ok to waver and sway when thoughts or distractions arise. But ultimately, you get back in your position, and start breathing again.

What is your favorite yoga related book?

I really enjoyed Breath by James Nestor because it was so eye opening about how important and vital nose breathing is to our health and wellbeing. When we breath in and our through our mouths regularly, it can lead to major internal issues with our organs whereas almost the reverse happens when we take slow inhales and exhales in through our nose. And that is exactly the type of breathwork we promote and teach in yoga.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I got the opportunity to go to college for a semester in Northern Ireland. I lived in Belfast, NI for 4 months and was able to travel to Spain, London, Scotland and all over Ireland while I was there. I even got to see Wicked while in London. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

What are you really passionate about (Outside of the world of yoga)?

I am obsessed with reading books. I have books everywhere in my house and its not uncommon for me to be reading 2-3 books at a single time. I find such comfort, such emotional relief, from being in a book. It just feels like home.

Sarah teaches Slow Flow Mondays at 12 pm.

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