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key Benefits

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Prevent & recover from injuries and illness. Boost productivity!


Use the science of yoga & mindfulness meditation to improve focus, energy, strength, balance and flexibility.


Any athlete, no matter the sport, can benefit from a regular yoga practice added to their training regime.


Experienced, Accredited & Insured instructors resgistered with the Yoga Alliance.

Modern Science-Modern Yoga

Popular Programs

Mindfulness Training

At Modern Yoga we see all of our training as mindfulness practice. Our Mindfulness training incorporates yoga, seated meditation and other mindfulness practices that will inspire creativity, instill focus & peace of mind. Ask how we can customize a plan for your needs today!

Yoga for Sports Teams & Athletes

Yoga has gained popularity over the last decade and even more so recently. The benefits can no longer be overlooked as a great way to improve productivity and performance. At Modern Yoga we can custmize a program to suit your teams needs, including the latest technology in Hot Power Yoga, Mindfulness meditation and more. Contact us today!

Bars, Restaurants & Special Events

Own or manage a bar or restaurant? Or maybe you are just hosting a special event?  We can teach your next brew or wine yoga event.  Our experienced and accredited staff will set your mind at ease and make sure your event is the success you imagined.

Private Lessons

Want to further your practice? Or just get the basics down before attending a group class?  We can help!  Let our private instruction take your yoga journey further!

Why Yoga & Meditation?

In the News

The Revenant: How Jake Arrieta came back from the baseball dead

Find out how this MLB pitcher used yoga to achieve optimal performance and revive his All Star career.

The Power of Concentration

Even in small doses, mindfulness can effect impressive changes in how we feel and think — and it does so at a basic neural level.

How Meditation & Yoga Benefits CEOs

CEO’s are learning the many benefits to a regular yoga practice. Both personally and with their employees.

Myles Turner is using yoga to reshape his body and his NBA career

Read about this NBA Star using yoga to truly transform mind and body for optimal performance and health.

Yoga has been shown to improve employee well-being and productivity.

More and more studies are showing the effectiveness of using yoga and other mindfulness meditation techniques to improve the modern workplace.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Accredited Yoga and Meditation Instructors

Our Instructors

Our staff has over 20,000 combined teacher hours. Modern Yoga is an RYS 200 registered school with the Yoga Alliance. All our teachers are accredited, insured and also registered at the Yoga Alliance. Our focus is on the proven techniques that lead to life changing results in mindfulness & yoga practice.

Foundations in Science

Yoga has it’s traditions from over 5000 years ago. Over the centuries and millenniums, yoga has evolved. Today the yoga and mindfulness practitioner has the benefit from learning from all the practices in the past. The evolution of yoga has produced a science based mindfulness approach to the ancient practice.

Mindfulness Focus

This famous quote sums up in the incredible insight available with mindfulness practice. “That’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”- Steve Jobs

Peace of Mind

Since we opened in 2016 our staff has recieved over 350 Five star reviews!  Simply put, we have the best yoga and meditation instructors in Northeast Ohio.   Our experienced staff will ensure that you get the best instruction to fully realize all the benefits for your company, team or group.  Let our professionals show you how to acheive the results you want!

*See more about our teachers here. See our reviews here.

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