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Becky Therrien

Becky was born and raised in Strongsville, Ohio where she spent her childhood along side her large extended family and even met her husband, Adam. “I met Adam when I was a tween & we quickly become friends. We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary!”
Before becoming a yoga teacher, Becky worked in sales and then refocused her priorities when their first child, Ava, was born! Not too long after, Becky & Adam decided to expand their family and were given the shock of their lives…Twins!! “We did not see that coming!”
Now, Ava is 14 and the twins, Cameron & Ella are 12. “They are amazing & active kids. They keep my husband & I running in all directions.”

You can find Becky heading from Dance Studios to Lax, Football or Soccer fields to Basketball courts…“I love watching them work hard at something they love.  Even though sometimes I hate the rush of the evenings, I love these years with them.  I’m proud of them.”

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

I never intended to be a yoga teacher. I decided to enter teacher training because I love yoga & wanted to get a deeper understanding of it & was struggling to do so in a regular class. It wasn’t until l was pretty far into the training that my goal shifted a bit.  Looking back I’m not even 100% sure why.  I think I feel strongly about the benefits yoga can have for every person.  Whether it’s physical benefits from a fitness perspective, flexibility to improve day to day movement to help relieve anxiety.  Whatever someone’s goal or current struggle with their mind or body, I believe with my whole heart yoga will help. 


What is one piece of advice for your students?

I have two…

1. Leave your ego behind. Pay attention each day to what feels ok for your body. One day the right choice is to keep finding your edge & challenge yourself, but the next class it’s to back off & show your body grace.  It’s your practice, no one else’s.  No one is watching what you can do or judging how well you are doing it.  Just focus on yourself each time you are on you mat & what the right choices are for your body in that moment.

2. Try an inversion. It’s empowering!



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