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I started yoga equally from curiosity & a desire to add something new to my workout. I thought I could benefit from “some stretching”, but beyond that I had no idea what to expect from a yoga class. I was also very intrigued by how physically fit so many yoga practitioners seemed to be. I fell in love with how good I felt after each class and how physically challenging the practice can be.When I first began yoga I lacked the strength to do many of the poses. My arms felt fatigued early into each class & I could not even touch my toes. My practice has evolved dramatically over the last several years. My physical strength and mobility has greatly improved. While I have achieved many of the “cool poses” I first admired, my greatest evolution has been acceptance & awareness of my body & what movements, poses & challenges are right for me. I still love the challenges of inversions, arm balances and poses. But I now pursue them from a place of respect for my body and not just the desire to get there. I now have the understanding that what was accessible to me in my practice yesterday may not feel good today & I give myself that grace.

My hope is to offer my students a physically challenging practice & guide them in their ability to keep their mind on their mat while practicing. I want my students to know their yoga practice is just that THEIR PRACTICE. I want to offer them opportunities to build strength, improve their mobility & reach their goals, all while honoring what is right for their practice each time they are on the mat. My goal is that each time my students leave their mat at the end of our practice together, they are leaving more relaxed & empowered then when they walked in.

Becky is an Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.



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