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I started yoga about 20 years ago because friend invited me to try a class. I took a few classes here and there and really loved it but at the time I didn’t have much time, or didn’t make much time, for myself. I did yoga at home when I could and loved how I felt during and after I practiced. When Modern Yoga opened, I was very excited to have hot yoga here in Strongsville. I made it a priority and started practicing regularly. My practice changed from time to myself and exercise, to breath and movement. I learned very quickly that it wasn’t the exercise (although that really helps!), it was the deep breathing and the feeling that if I just breathe through it I can do anything. I have shared my ujjayi breath to help calm kids who have seizures and kids with anxiety both at home and school. I teach them that the breath can be a tool to use to calm the mind and body. One of my favorite yoga teachers once told me that If you calm the breath, the mind will follow, and if you calm the mind, the body will follow. This is what I hope to impart to those in my class.

The movement makes you feel good and builds strength, balance and stamina. The breath will carry you – on and off the mat. You can do anything!.

Just Breathe.

Suzi is an Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.



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