Teacher Spotlight Series

Colleen Weber

Colleen is an Ohio Native and proud graduate of Bowling Green. “I have a degree in philosophy and it’s what I’m most proud of. I’m introverted so I didn’t go out much in college, but I truly enjoyed my academic experience.” Now, Colleen resides in Brunswick with her husband, Rick and their cat, Remy (aka Bug). Outside of teaching yoga, she writes arguments for a living —  a career fitted to her major!

Colleen enjoys traveling with her hubby and going out to dinner. More than anything, she enjoys having people over to cook for them, “If you drive to my house and come through my front door, I’m gonna feed you.”

Her yoga journey started in high school, Colleen attended classes first with her big sister and then got hooked!

“I feel like yoga taught me a sense of self. Not ego. My ego is afraid and insecure. This ‘self’ is different. It taught me that my real self is the voice that says ‘I feel ok with this’ or ‘this does not feel right’ or ‘this needs to change.”’ It taught me that I’m not inherently good or bad, I just am.”

Colleen is passionate about consent and sexual assault awareness, a part of her life journey that yoga has helped to heal. “In yoga, the teacher asked if it was OK to give hands on assist, that stuck with me and kept me coming back. I’ve personally been affected by these things. I know it’s not easy to talk about but I don’t mind because it’s important.”

Amanda Hatfield

Favorite Pose: Side Plank Pose

“It was the first pose I ever ‘advanced’ in by grabbing my big toe of the top lifted leg, I do it every time – it feels so natural and amazing.”

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

“I always wanted to be a teacher, of literally anything. I’ve been a swim teacher and coach, and a tutor of philosophy, geology, and geography. I’ve been lucky to love so many things so much that I wanted to learn as much as I can about them. I think what makes me a good teacher is that I don’t just learn things, I learn to love them and I’m good at showing other people how to find that love, too.

“Yoga taught me how to love life and myself, and I wanted to give that to everyone. I needed to. I had to become a teacher.” 

What is one piece of advice for your students?

“The advice I’d give to them is to always listen to their body. I want my students to do what feels good, empowering, and safe.”

What inspires you to get on your mat?

“I think that when I’m connected to and kind with myself, I’m more connected to and kind with others. Yoga brings me a sense of community and self-satisfaction that just… I don’t know, makes me nicer? That’s the only way I can describe it.”



Fun Fact: “I’ve also been inside of a live orca whale’s mouth before.”

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