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Josh stacher

“My life’s mission is teaching, of which the most fundamental aspects are one’s ability to design spaces that are safe. Safe for diverse people to gather and explore inner landscape and channel collective energy. My entire day consists of building communities for people to connect and learn.”
“I am married to my rock, Jasna, and am the father to three kids (Kim-20, Eli-10, and Noah-8). I am a Professor of International Studies at Kent State University, where I have worked for 16 years.”
“Before my yoga journey started in late 2019, I ran marathons and ultramarathons for 10 years. I’ve lived in Brecksville for 11 years. During my life, I have also lived in Cairo (Egypt), Damascus (Syria), St. Andrews (Scotland), Washington (DC), Syracuse (NY), Stow (OH), and Washington (PA).”
Amanda Hatfield

Favorite Pose: Savasana/Corpse Pose

“I think resting heals me more than anything else I do. I get still for, at least, 30 minutes of Savasana every day. I love the ways I soften and change over time because I pause in stillness each day. Resting makes life easier.”

Amanda Hatfield

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

“There were two inspirations. Like many others that find their way to a yoga journey, I had lots of unhealed life trauma. Yoga’s eight limbs are my healing process because they make me more embodied, more connected to self, more aware in the everyday
interactions I have with people, and freer from powerful emotions such as fear and anger as well as desires.”

“Second, teaching is my positive obsession. Not only was teaching yoga a natural extension to my life’s work, but the process of learning to teach yoga also improved my classroom teaching at Kent State. My Yoga Teacher Training changed me in ways I couldn’t see but really appreciate now.”

 What is one piece of advice for your students?

“Consistency unlocks Yoga’s magic. If it feels right, practice The Eight Limbs of Yoga as much as you can tolerate.”

What inspires you to get on your mat?

“I feel in the depths of my bones that when I practice yoga that I am an embodied, present human. I don’t choose yoga. I just know it makes my day easier. Plus, when I practice yoga, I am a better husband, dad, friend, neighbor, professor, yoga guide, stranger, customer, patron, and driver.”



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What is your favorite Yoga related Book(s)?

1)    The Baghavad Gita

2)    Nityda Gessell, Embodied Self Awakening

3)    Tricia Hersey, Rest is Resistance

4)    Bell Hooks, All About Love

5)    Judith Hanson Lasater, Teaching Yoga with Intention.


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