Meet Lindsey O’Connor!!


Hello there — My name is Lindsey O’Connor! When I am not at Modern Yoga , I am a certified Registered Dietitian Nutrionist. My favorite things in the world are my family, my dog Winnie, traveling, hiking, fine dining, trying new foods and drinks, and cooking! My core values in life that I strive to live by are authenticity, truthfulness, growth, kindness, empathy, and freedom. When looking at me, most people wouldn’t guess I have a chronic illness, but I wake up daily to fight a forever ongoing battle. As detrimental as it has been to my life, it has taught me how to break through barriers and have immense gratitude for every day I get to live.

Meet James & Joyce

I continually seek to create a body that heals me through nutrition, movement, and to love with my whole heart πŸ’œ

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?Β 

I wanted to share all the healing and power yoga has given me. I devote myself to help individuals through their struggles and to guide them to their best and strongest self.Β 

What is one piece of advice for your students?Β 

Yoga is the way to mental, physical, and spiritual freedom. Practice to fail, to learn, and to succeed because without the risk of failure there can be no success.Β 

What is your favorite asana?

Dancer pose because its a combination of a one leg balance and a backbend. It requires body awareness and deep focus. I think this pose is simply stunning and makes me feel confident and empowered.Β 

What inspires you to get on your yoga mat?Β 

The mental strength it to gives to me and the beautiful movement that I crave.Β 

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What are your passions outside of Yoga?Β 

I have so many passions with food being on the top of the list. Food is my medicine, it brings me so much happiness when I’m in the kitchen cooking, and fueling my body properly so it can function to its fullest potential. I am also very passionate about hiking. I absolutely love being outside and in nature. It’s where I feel connected with the earth and free. I find it grounding, it helps ease my mind and brings me pure joy.Β 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?Β 

This is a difficult one… having to choose, I would live in the Redwoods National Park in California. The trails are spectacular, the food is incredible, I could swim in the ocean everyday, holistic health is abundant, and of course, being submerged in the breathtaking vineyards.Β 

If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be??

My super power would be teleportation because I always have a deep yearning for traveling and seeing the world!Β 

Favorite random fact…

Eating food that is grown locally and is in season, provides your body with the highest and most potent nutrition benefits because there is no transit time and the produce is picked ripe.Β πŸ’œ πŸ₯— πŸ‰Β 


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