Why Hot Yoga?

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At Modern Yoga, we use infrared radiant heat & a steam generator to create a unique hot yoga environment. The feeling of warmth generated from combining these innovative technologies is particularly beneficial for your health. Unlike other similar technologies, infrared heat directly permeates the body, helping reduce inflammation, stiffness, and soreness. 

Our system is 100% natural for the body and one of the most eco-friendly heating devices available on the market. 

We invite you to experience the numerous health benefits yourself by joining a class. 

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why hot yoga

 Benefits of Hot Yoga

Increases flexibility and mobility

Several studies have shown the benefits of infrared heat to ease pain and tension and increase flexibility and mobility as it slowly penetrates the body and speeds up muscle recovery.

A hot yoga studio can make yoga poses more accessible and effective for you. The heat allows you to stretch a little further and reach a healthier range of motion of the joints, while reducing the probability of injuries. 

Boosts immune system and improve circulation

Cardiovascular healing is also a positive consequence of practicing yoga in a hot room. When our heartbeats increase, our blood vessels and capillaries start dilating. As a result, we can better oxygenate the body’s cells. A healthy circulatory system is an integral part of our immune system.

An Austrian study found that people who regularly use saunas experience significantly fewer episodes of common colds than those who do not. This benefit becomes more significant with time: keep practicing, and everything will follow!

Sauna like environment to encourage healthy sweat!

Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to maintain health. We now know that heat shock proteins created when we heat our bodies are valuable for our health as we age. Studies have shown that repeated exposure to this heat has long term benefits on how long we live!

Check out The Huberman Lab Podcast episode on heat exposure protocols & related studies!

Increases fitness level and promotes weight loss

A heated environment can make the practice of yoga more challenging, and any exercise that increases your heart rate helps burn calories quicker. Hot yoga, particularly if you combine it with aerobic activities like swimming, running, or cycling, is among the most efficient ways of burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight.

Improves breathing

Yoga also has a profound effect on your respiratory system: thanks to breathing exercising, like pranayama, or by simply paying attention to the way you breathe in class, you increase your oxygen intake.

Runner’s World magazine recommends hot yoga, particularly for those looking to improve their endurance. Hot yoga helps you develop excellent control of your breathing during a flow, and it trains your body to lean on your breath during challenging poses. This new awareness can be applied to endurance activities such as running a marathon.


Improves Mental health

With the rapid rise in awareness around mental health, more studies have shown a consistent hot yoga practice helps to alleviate symptoms around depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health struggles. The practice encourages self-reflection, transformation of negative thought patterns, self-criticism, and limiting beliefs which cultivates self-esteem, resilience, and positive self-relationship. Hot yoga’s impact on mental health is not solely psychological. The practice elicits physical responses that influence brain function and well-being. The heated environment increases blood flow, heart rate, and sweating, promoting detoxification. The increased oxygenation to the brain enhances cognitive function and alertness while the release of serotonin and endorphins (the “feel good” chemicals) promotes healthy mood regulation.

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Who should avoid practicing hot yoga?

Generally speaking, everyone can benefit from practicing hot yoga. However, if you feel nauseous or light-headed in a class, lay down or leave the room. Most of the time, the issue is dehydration. The heated environment of a hot studio can make yoga more challenging, which can lead to exhaustion.

Our advice for people who want to try hot yoga is to take it slowly: At Modern Yoga, we offer a variety of classes to match any fitness level. Some of them, like our slow flow, are not heated. However, we always keep our yoga room welcoming and warm. 

If you have preexisting conditions like cardiovascular disease, MS, asthma, and diabetes, you should consult your doctor before beginning a hot yoga practice. 

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